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Before few years, online shopping is not practicable in the case of Nepal, but with the advent of the internet and its technologies the scope of online shopping is increasing and it is gaining high popularity. And, the reason behind not gaining popularity is mostly unreliable quality and lack of online payment gateways. The development of technology has made it possible for the quick progress of online shopping sites in Nepal. People use their tablets, laptops, smart phones, etc, to shop these days without having to go to the market themselves.

Sounds good, right?

In fact, based on our five years of study, almost 35% of the overall e-commerce traffic in Nepal is solely from Mobile. Besides, people can simply pay online using different digital payment platforms and shop their goods. There are many online shopping platforms in Nepal but all of them are not equally reliable and user friendly. The quality and price is also one of the challenging issues in online shopping. So, we must be aware of them.

According to my online shopping experience, among various online shopping platforms. is a rapidly growing and reliable site for online shopping in Nepal. The platform consists of a wide variety of products i.e. 10,000+ products across with more than 500 categories. The products are 100% genuine from national and global brands or retailers.

It is totally new! It is promoted by Nepal’s renowned group who are in the business industry for over 20 years. And, this e-commerce platform is better so, pleases try once for best online shopping experience. claims to focus more on quality of the products rather that price war in the market. The platform aims to put the reasonable price for every product available on the websites. claims to focus more on quality of the product rather than price war in the market. The platform aims to put the right price for every product available on their website.

The various categories product are available here and is just like all in one online store with the national and international brands products. Men’s accessories with the latest updates are available here. Similarly, Women’s Accessories are also available with the latest updates are also here for online sale. The products here are ✓ 100% Genuine Product ✓ Fastest Delivery all over Nepal ✓ Ease & Speed

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